Challenge your friends and play football online.

Bilu Ball – Free Online Football Game

Bilu Ball is a free real-time multiplayer game that plays like a mix between football and air-hockey. Players can login and play using their facebook, yahoo, twitter and other accounts. You will be able to create your own team and challenge your friends to find the BEST BILU team.

The game is still in beta so we have a lot of ideas to make bilu the best real time football game. One of the upcoming features is ability to create your own map and share it with your friends. Also we will save all the player game details: games played/lost/won, number of goals and many more.

Bilu Ball is a real-time mutiplayer game and our main focus was on low latency gameplay. We worked a lot on improving the ping between peers so that the game runs smooth and is easy to play. Also ping is applied to all the players so the host does not have an advantage over the other players.

While you wait for more content, like images and videos with the gameplay click on PLAY to give BILU a run.

UPDATE 28 Ian 2014. I am glad to announce that I have added Player Score and Ranking System. Now you can play and win points and become the best Bilu football player.